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Process air fans / process fans

Process fans from ZIEHL-ABEGG

Product information

ATEX fans

In the designs for use as housing fans or installed fans, these are designed for use in zones 1 and 2, as well as 21/22, e.g. in the oil and petrochemical industries, or in machinery and plant engineering, as per ATEX 2014/34/EU.

Oven fans

Thanks to individually configurable components of the highest quality that can be upgraded and retrofitted, oven fans are optimal system solutions for all requirements and application situations. They are particularly suitable for use in industrial kitchens, bakeries and confectioners. The built-in radial fan with free-running wheel is intended for installation without housing and can even be mounted quickly and simply in existing systems, thanks to its compact design, various installation plates and a flexible flange pattern. Built-in radial fans with IEC standard motors can be variably designed for the customer’s operating point, with a maximum fluid temperature of +550° C.

Built-in fan, insulated, without housing

Built-in fans from ZIEHL-ABEGG are most suitable for applications in drying technology or for packaging and production machines – perfectly coordinated with the customer’s individual needs.

  • Built-in radial fans with free-running wheel, insulated
  • Radial fans for installation without housing
  • Max. fluid temperature of +550°C
  • IEC standard motors

Built-in fan, non-insulated

  • Built-in radial fans with free-running wheel, non-insulated
  • Max. fluid temperature of +100° C
  • IEC standard motor design: IMB3 or IMB5, special motors are also possible
  • High-performance impeller

Free-running fans

Free-running fans without housing are suitable for installation in ducts in painting and extraction systems, for chemical technology applications and any HVAC applications (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning).

  • Flexible adaptation to existing designs
  • Impellers, injection nozzles can be freely configured
  • Variable design for the desired operating point
  • Special designs with regard to shaft seals and all attachments
  • Volume flow up to 200,000 m³/h
  • With fitted brakes, non-return devices, etc.
  • IEC standard motors design: IMB3 or IMB5

Housing fans

Housing fans can be used in all ventilation and deaeration applications, controlled living space ventilation and cleanroom workstations.

  • Radial fans with spiral housing, single inlet, with direct drive
  • High-performance impeller with blades curved backwards, dynamically balanced
  • Stable, welded spiral housing made from coated steel sheet; RAL 7032 or from pickled and passivated stainless steel
  • Drive motor as standard IEC motor in the IMB3 / IMB5 design and all other common designs (special motors also possible)
  • Volume flow 22,000 - 100,000 m³/h
  • Max. fluid temperature 400° C
  • Pressure 2,600 - 20,000 pa

Clutch-driven fan

Clutch-driven fans are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as painting and extraction systems or drying technology.

  • Radial fans, clutch-driven with spiral housing, single inlet, with monoblock bearing
  • In modular design with mounted and adjustable injection nozzle or as a motor impeller with loose injection nozzle
  • Available in various steel qualities (from normal steel to highly alloyed stainless steel)
  • Robust industrial design, compact design
  • Max. fluid temperature: 500°C
  • Max. motor power 710 kW
  • Shaft seal system
  • Static pressing up to 40,000 Pa
  • Volume flow up to 500,000 m³/h

Special applications

Special applications are based on housing fans, built-in fans and free-running fans that are tailored to each application with optimum efficiency. They can be flexibly adapted to existing designs and are highly efficient.

ZAmovement (Roll-out)

ZAmovement is a mobile radial fan that is very easy to move thanks to its rollers and has a free choice of motor. The fan can be individually upgraded and is compatible with numerous accessory items.

  • Flexible adaptation to existing designs
  • Impellers and inlet nozzles can be freely configured
  • Adjustment to the operating point
  • With all accessory items, e.g. vibration monitoring, temperature monitoring and speed monitoring
  • Loop for determining volume flow
  • ATEX zone 1 and 2 available
  • IEC standard motors

We would be happy to provide you with an individual quote that is also favourable from a logistical point of view.


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